Friday, March 29, 2013

Draw for today - Body Mind and Spirit

I decided to do a reading this week using tarot in conjunction with Lenormand. I used my favorite decks, "Tarot of the Pagan Cats" in conjunction with the "Under the Roses Lenormand" for further clarity. I used a simple "Body-mind-spirit" three-card spread that I saw on another blog today and liked it so well I decided to give it a try.

Drawing three major arcana cards indicates that powerful forces are at work in my life. I may be in for a roller-coaster ride in my otherwise dull routine.

BODY High Priestess and the Child

I'm in the process of learning some intuitive methods to promote health and fitness. My diet changes and yoga exercise regime have kicked into high gear. Healthful fruits and vegetables are becoming habit with less meat...a "zen" trend for sure. My overall body flexibility and strength is improving. I see and feel a real difference in my health. This promotes a sense of joy and exuberance, although I have a long way to go in order to establish these changes as permanent habits.

MIND Justice and The Sun

There is quite a bit of self- reflection at this time in my life, most all of it positive in nature. Problem-solving is a priority. Decisions regarding the right course of action need to be made. The overall outlook is one of illumination and success. I can act confidently knowing that my assessments and consequent actions will result in positive outcomes.

SPIRIT The Chariot and The Ring

Taking the reins to steer my destiny toward a spiritual path. I may just find a partnership of some sort with one who is a soulmate. That would be refreshing. A genuine, lasting friendship with a spiritual soulmate is a treasure to be cherished! However, it may be a difficult course and require perseverence and dedication to reach fruition.

As a side note this week I have taken to learning Ikebana, or Japanese flower arrangement. Surprisingly, I am learning that great meaning is attached to the different parts of the arrangement, depending, of course, on the school of study. The simplified version, which is most common, includes three elements in the arrangement. Those elements are the lines of the arrangement, which represent Sun/Moon/Earth, or Heaven/Man/Earth, or Fire/Water/Earth with open spaces indicating the element of air. The three coordinating lines can also correlate to Father/Mother/Children. Being a person who is oriented in elemental correspondences, I found this a fascinating endeavor. I have a new buddy who takes classes with me so perhaps that is the spirit partnership indicated in this reading? Time will tell!