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Four of Cups

The fours, in numerological terms, relate to the four card of the major arcana, the Emperor. Fours are all about stability, foundation, and order. Cups are related to relationships and emotions. Four of cups therefore implies stability in a relationship, or emotional stability. The popular Waite-Smith drawing showing someone suffering from boredom or ennui paints a very narrow picture of the feel of this card.

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Druidcraft Tarot

The four of cups in a reading might mean that you need to follow through with obligations or duties...for instance, your loved one may need your help in some way, or your boss may be depending on you. It could be telling you that your friend is true, or that your current love interest may make a good choice for a lifelong parter, or that your finances will be stable (neither riches nor poverty). It could indicate that parental responsibilities need to be a priority in your life. It's a reminder of the need for honor and duty to be maintained in your relationship. You may be tempted by someone or something that would draw you away from your current stable situation.

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The negative aspect may be that while your relationship is comfortable, you may be taken for granted or perhaps may feel stagnant or bored. Four of cups is actually an auspicious card that indicates a strong marriage, steady friendship or a stable home life. To the more adventurous, such ideas might seem a bit dull. If the four of cups greets you, you probably won't win the lottery, but your life may be blessed with peace, amity and tranquility. Not a bad card at all!
The Thoth tarot four of cups card demonstrates the deeper meaning.

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